Nirmal Agarwal

Brought up in Kolkata, Nirmal navigated his college application process in the late 80’s, securing admissions with full scholarships into four Ivy League Universities and Stanford.

Avash Tulsyan

Avash is a believer in the power of education, crediting it as the liberating force that enabled him to find self-affirmation through the joy of learning.

Reetasri Ghosh

With over two decades of international work experience in Leadership Development and Coaching, Reetasri deeply appreciates the importance of factoring in cultural nuances while making decisions on education. She now enjoys viewing life through a different lens – working with students, understanding their values and aspirations, celebrating their successes as they pursue their dreams.

Gargi Sen

A Presidency College alum, Gargi is passionate about motivating teaching-learning communities, and helping them explore their talents and abilities.

Lana Yilmaz

Lana Yilmaz has over 27 years experience in education as a teacher and advising students on their college applications. She is a graduate of the Independent Educational Consultant program through the University of California-Irvine, and a current university student studying Women and Gender studies.

Meet our

Student Mentors

Rhea Dutta

Originally from Bangalore, Rhea is a sophomore in the College of Engineering at Cornell University, studying Computer Science.

Devansh Chandgothia

Devansh intends to double major in Computer Science and Economics/Mathematics.

Aman Wali

Aman is a Computer Science student at Purdue University. He interned at Aptiv (formerly Delphi) in
Indiana over the summer of 2018.

Avyay Agarwal

Avyay completed his high school from St Xaviers Kolkata and is now a Computer Science student at
the University of Waterloo.

Satvik Sethia

Satvik Sethia has truly discovered a new home at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he is majoring in Computer Science + Linguistics, with a minor in Mathematics.

Swagath Saraogi

Swagath is majoring in mechanical engineering with a certificate in finance. He is passionate about qualitatively and quantitatively optimizing the manufacturing processes for high-precision parts for the automobile and mining industry.

Saloni Mittal

Saloni is pursuing a B.S. Business Administration from the Walter. A. Haas School of Business and a B.A. Economics from the College of Letters and Sciences at the University of California, Berkeley.

Meghna Bahry

Meghna is majoring in Bioengineering and Pre-Med, an extremely tough track at one of the most academically rigorous universities.

Akshat Agarwal

Akshat plans on majoring in Economics with a minor in Global Commerce. He is playing varsity tennis for Denison, something he attributes as one of his best experiences till date.

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