Cognix, founded by Stanford alum, Nirmal Agarwal, is an end-to-end education counselling organisation that administers a world class advising program to guide students in making career choices, applying to universities worldwide, and preparing for success in careers and life. Mentors at Cognix believe in the potential of each child, and guide them from an early stage to discover and pursue their interests, assess their career options, and support them through their college application process. 

Our Philosophy

We follow a one-to-one, personalized and compassionate approach to help students, and families, navigate the stressful college application process.

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We represent the students and do not accept any money, commissions, representation fee, etc., from colleges to refer students to them.

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Why Us

We have been working with students for over 20 years, providing education, career guidance, and guiding them through the process of college admissions. 

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Meet the team

  • Nirmal Agarwal

    Brought up in Kolkata, Nirmal navigated his college application process in the late 80’s, securing admissions with full scholarships into four Ivy League Universities and Stanford.

  • Devanshi Dabriwal

    As a peer tutor, student-organisation leader and community volunteer, Devanshi found her passion
    and interest for mentoring while working closely with and for the Wellesley community.

  • Radhika Sahni

    Radhika’s penchant for languages led her to complete a double degree in English literature and Russian. Having worked for years with diverse groups of international travellers to curate and design niche travel experiences

  • Gargi Sen

    A Presidency College alum, Gargi is passionate about motivating teaching-learning communities, and helping them explore their talents and abilities.

  • Sanjay Khatuwala

    Brought up in Kolkata, Nirmal navigated his college application process in the late 80’s, securing admissions with full scholarships into four Ivy League Universities and Stanford.

  • Wendy Bigler

    Education has been at the core of Wendy’s professional life. In the United States, she has spent nearly 20 years in secondary and higher education, also working in environmental chemistry and environmental conservation.

  • Avash Tulsyan

    Avash is a believer in the power of education, crediting it as the liberating force that enabled him to find self-affirmation through the joy of learning.

  • Lana Yilmaz

    Lana Yilmaz has over 27 years experience in education as a teacher and advising students on their college applications. She is a graduate of the Independent Educational Consultant program through the University of California-Irvine, and a current university student studying Women and Gender studies.

Our Services

Cognix works with students seeking to study in well regarded colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Australia, etc…

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  • I really could not have asked for a better person to guide me through my college applications. I started my college applications during the last couple days of September of Class 12. With your help, I started working on my essays and my Common Application…Read more

    Swagath Saraogi
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Thinking about where I should pursue my college education was one of the first major decisions I made as a teenager. There was a mind-numbing plethora of options out there, and each had its own pros and cons…Read more

    Vedika Agarwal
    University of California, Berkeley
  • I was the quintessential Indian student – trying to wrestle with sumo-wrestler sized IIT-JEE prep books with the faint hope of getting into an institution most called Paradise…Read more

    Gayatri Choudhury
    New York University
  • When you take your first step towards college, you realize that it is much more than just applying to Ivy League schools. It was through your guidance that I could make a cohesive list of colleges that I should apply to and …Read more

    Malvika Jain
    Bard College; University of Virginia
  • It was definitely a great privilege and support to prepare for a reasonably strenuous process under your guidance You made complex things quite simple. You were always there for the support whenever I needed. It’s really rare to…Read more

    Karthikeyan Sundaram
  • I liked how approachable and easily accessible you all were at all times and also how fast I got replies for everything. A large part of the assistance which I needed was small and scattered questions and doubts from here and there while working on something….Read more

    Divya Somani
    Carleton University, Ashoka University