Counselling Support for High Schools

We have the experience and expertise to develop a counselling practice for new and existing high schools. This could be in the form of establishing the counselling practice in the school and providing outside support as per need, or by placing our full time representative to implement, under our supervision, the entire process of career and college counselling.

Our scope of services could include, among others, the following:

  End-to-end career assessment & guidance to help students from Classes 8 to 12 discover their best-fit stream and career choices.

  Setting up the counselling infrastructure and systems, and guidance on the various resources that can be used by the office

  Assistance in making a complete and effective high school profile that can be shared with colleges

  Coordinating school visits by university representatives to meet with students

  Training the guidance counsellor and teachers to write effective letters of recommendations

  Guidance on the various steps during the application process, including shortlisting of colleges, essays, applications, among others.

  Workshops for parents and students to help them navigate the various stages of the application process

If your school would like to set up the counselling eco-system and needs experience guidance, please reach out to us at

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