Gargi Sen

MA (English), M.Sc. (Mathematics), MA (Education), B.Ed.
Accredited Cambridge Trainer for Teaching & Learning
Education Leadership Certifications from NABET and SQA, Scotland, as Accreditor and Trainer
Internationally Certified Career Coach


A Presidency College (Calcutta) alumni, Gargi is passionate about motivating teaching-learning communities, and helping them explore their talents and abilities. She started her career as a Mathematics & Physics teacher and soon established herself as an Accredited Trainer working internationally.

Gargi has been actively involved with several academic institutions providing end-to-end solutions for their learning needs. Along with her regular interactive sessions with students of these institutions, she has been training and consulting for teachers and school leaders as well.

For almost three decades now, Gargi as a Counsellor, has assisted students and teachers in their career as well as professional planning and leadership development. As a career coach, she is a firm believer in enabling an individual to identify his or her abilities or potentials so that can nurture them in the right direction, ultimately to evolve into a happy individual.

Her passion lies in coaching, training and facilitating students in their future journey whether it is selection of stream or planning for a career transition. As a certified Career Coach (CCSP) under NCDA she deals with students of various age groups. She also mentors them on a variety of projects in the sciences, mathematics, and the performing arts. She works with her students using psychometric tools and innovative activities to enable them to identify their strength and personality, and engage them in activities so that they learn to steer themselves towards a balanced trail more holistically in their academic, personal and career plan.