Avash Tulsyan

BA, University of California Berkeley, USA (Economics)


Avash is a believer in the power of education, crediting it as the liberating force that enabled him to find self affirmation through the joy of learning. After studying in one of the most thought- progressive institutions in the world, one thing was clear to him: in taking full responsibility of your potential, no one can mess with your ability to conceive, emote, articulate, express and, ultimately, reach the truth of who you are. It is why he finds education an ally of what the human spirit is designed to achieve. Avash takes education seriously, for the sake of itself, rather than the common undertaking of evidencing one’s credentials to the world. He likes to encourage students to cultivate a path of learning where they become adept at utilizing the wealth of their own intelligence.

During his time at UC Berkeley, Avash has tutored children with special needs and worked as a peer instructor in several of the classes he took, mainly in calculus and psychology. His academic research papers on religious studies, self-help and social psychology have been used by his teachers as exemplars for their students. He has also worked on research studies assessing social perceptions of income inequalities in USA and tools for enhancing female empowerment programs in Nigeria.