Meet Oreo, our fluffy and lovable Shih Tzu who holds the prestigious title of Chief Cuddles Officer at Cognix! With his irresistibly cute face and wagging tail, Oreo has mastered the art of spreading joy and reducing stress levels around the office.

Oreo joined the Cognix India team with a paw-sitive attitude and a natural talent for providing comfort to everyone he meets. Whether he’s snoozing by the desk, offering paw-five greetings, or simply brightening up our day with his playful antics, Oreo’s presence never fails to lift spirits. He takes his role as Chief Cuddles Officer very seriously, ensuring that our team as well as students stay relaxed, happy, and motivated.

When he’s not busy napping or chasing his tail, Oreo enjoys taking short walks around the office, participating in impromptu play sessions, and of course, receiving belly rubs from his adoring colleagues. With his unwavering dedication to promoting a stress-free work environment, Oreo truly embodies the spirit of teamwork and relaxation at Cognix. We’re paws-itively grateful to have him as a cherished member of our team!