SAT Subject Tests have been losing their relevance over the years. As more and more colleges say goodbye to the Subject tests (there are only 3 now that actually require it for all their applicants), it is now possible to imagine the College Board will do the same.

The Indian government has thrown a lifeline to all aspirants in country’s premium examinations. The engineering and medical entrance exams JEE Mains and NEET would now be conducted twice. The best of the two scores will be taken as the final result for candidates.

Another major university said bye to the written essay portions of the SAT/ACT. Princeton has however introduced the requirement for students to submit a graded high school paper, preferably in the subjects of English or History.

Carnegie Mellon University announced several changes in their application process including multiple shorter essay prompts instead of their regular long one, elimination of demonstrated interest, a non-evaluative interview policy, etc. Often a popular choice for our students, this page on their admissions website is worth a read to understand the details.

Grades, test scores, and the strength of one’s high-school curriculum still remain as the most important criteria that US colleges look for in their students. But other criteria are playing a larger role than they used to …

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