Wendy Bigler

BA, Trinity University, USA (Biology)
M.A.G., Texas State University (Geography)
Ph.D., Arizona State University (Geography)


Education has been at the core of Wendy’s professional life. In the United States, she has spent nearly 20 years in secondary and higher education, also working in environmental chemistry and environmental conservation. Moving to Taiwan with her Mexican husband in 2011, she understands the challenges and opportunities that come in living away from one’s homeland and choosing an international lifestyle. As a college counselor for the past seven years, she has helped students of many nationalities and backgrounds find their pathway to university studies. Now in Japan, she works with new international high schools to help them establish college counseling departments. She has presented at international conferences on understanding university rankings and what early career college counselors need to know.

At the core of her practice, she seeks to know her students, understand their values and aspirations, and help them present their best selves to universities. Additionally, she recognizes that academic and financial fit are critical to families as they choose universities that are affordable and will provide the specific sort of academic and social foundation that a student needs for a successful life.

She has helped over 300 students apply to universities in 15 countries; most attending college in the US, Canada, UK, Japan, Netherlands and Hong Kong. Students have remarked that although they entered the college application with anxiety, with Wendy’s help they were able to lower their stress levels and come to conquer and enjoy the process.

She is a member of the International Association of College Admissions Counselors and the Independent Educational Consultant Association.