Devanshi Dabriwal

BA, Wellesley College, USA (Economics)


As a peer tutor, student-organisation leader and community volunteer, Devanshi found her passion and interest for mentoring while working closely with and for the Wellesley community. Writing having always been one of her strengths, she actively honed her skill during her time at Wellesley by taking writing intensive courses.

On her return to Kolkata she decided to combine her passion for mentoring with writing to become an education counsellor at Cognix. Over the past 2 years, Devanshi has worked closely with students to help them craft applications that are competitive and unique. Much like her education, Devanshi’s approach to mentoring is holistic and while she helps high-schoolers with all aspects of the application, she is biased towards the dreaded personal essay that she finds most satisfying to work on. Helping high schoolers introspect, gauge impact and make connections between the various threads of their life to create a powerful narrative keeps her motivated and challenged.

Be it finding the perfect fit college, easing teenagers through the application process or mentoring them to find the right balance to create holistic development, Devanshi is motivated by the first-hand impact she is able to create in helping teenagers chart a trajectory for success that is aligned to their specific goals.