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Date: August 1, 2020

Time: 8 PM onward

Event Description

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.“

Welcome to Crosshair – our Start-up event simulation where participants assume the role of entrepreneurs and get their creative minds cracking to revolutionize the world with their innovations. Alongside these creations, also get ready to witness them pitch their ideas to well-known, scrutinizing and successful investors (or “sharks”) as they try to coerce them into believing in their product with the same zest and passion. Overall, indulge in our Crosshair event to truly showcase and hone your inner entrepreneur.


  • A team should consist of 2 members
  • Each team will have 5 minutes to explain and elaborate on their startup idea and there will be 3 minutes allotted for any questions from the judges
  • Event duration: 2 hours
  • The event will be judged by 3 sharks
  • Each team will be allotted a specific industry on which they have to present their startup idea
  • Each team will have to deal with a social cause of their choice in their startup idea.


Note: Should we receive more entries than we can accommodate on the final day, we will be having a selection round and share the rules for that with the teams

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Meet the Event Heads

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Arryan Kanodia

Arryan Kanodia

Event In-Charge: Crosshair

Logistics: Social Media

Jahnavi Garg

Event In-Charge: Crosshair, Confluence

Logistics: Technical & Operations

Vinayak Harlalka

Vinayak Harlalka

Event In-Charge: Crosshair

Logistics: Technical

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