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Date: August 2, 2020

Time: 5 PM onward

Event Description

“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet”

Welcome to Conundrum- our case file handling event where participants shall assume the role of a management consulting firm and provide innovative solutions to crises that will decide the very future of the company. Get ready to get your thinking cap on and wax eloquent on solutions to issues that plague your client’s firm.

Get ready to face a host of problems affecting all aspects of your company, ranging from Public Relations to Human Resources, Financing and Capitalization to reorganization, product launches to product development. Just remember, if you love challenges, this event is for you!


  • Each participating team consisting of minimum 1 and maximum 2 participants will assume the role of a Management Consulting Firm.
  • The participants are required to present solutions to a business case based on their clients which must be presented in the form of a presentation and a pitch, not exceeding 6 minutes, after which, the participants will be subject to questioning by the judges and organizing team.
  • The presentation must contain realistic solutions backed by evidence and estimates of their effectiveness and accuracy. The implementation process of the business strategy to overcome the problem/problems should be clearly shown and explained. Financial estimates and statistics will be looked favorably upon.
  • Long-term advice must also be provided for the business to overcome or avoid the problem in the future and ensure long term growth and expansion.
  • The case files will be given to the teams 36 hours prior to the event.



Note: Should we receive more entries than we can accommodate on the final day, we will be having a selection round and share the rules for that with the teams

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Eshan Toshniwal

Eshan Toshniwal

Event In-Charge: Caucus, Conundrum

Logistics: Technical & Operations

Arya Vardhan Gupta

Event In-Charge: Conundrum, Confluence

Logistics: Communications

Raunakk Jalan

Raunakk Jalan

Event In-Charge: Cauldron, Conundrum

Logistics: Communications

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