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Date: August 2, 2020

Time: 2 PM onward

Event Description

In this event, teams will be presented with two different companies and the objective of the teams is to come up with a viable and feasible joint venture, which would benefit each company. 


  1. Team of 2 required – maximum of 10 teams (if there are more, we will have an elimination round)
  2. The teams will be provided with the two companies, 45 minutes prior to their presentation. 
  3. Each team will get 3 minutes to explain their idea and why it would be beneficial.
  4. Following that the judges and audience will be given 2 minutes to question the idea.
  5. Event duration: 2 hours 15 minutes.
  6. Event will be judged by 3 investors.
  7. There will be a joint first prize for two teams.

Functioning of the Event

Round 1

Teams will be given their companies 45 minutes prior to their presentations. After the introductory session of the event, teams will be asked to pitch their joint venture to the investors in the form of a presentation. Top 4 teams will qualify for Round 2. 

Round 2

Qualifying four teams will be divided into 2 teams by the directors. Following this, both teams will have to choose a new combination of two companies from the four companies they now have. Teams have to come up with a product each, as in Round 1. Each team has to prepare their pitch within 15 minutes, in their respective breakout rooms. Teams will be marked on the basis of their products. Both teams have to explain why the investors should choose their product over the other. Teams will be given 3 minutes for their pitch and 2 minutes for Q and A. Additional 2 minutes will be given to take down the other product.



Note: Should we receive more entries than we can accommodate on the final day, we will be having a selection round and share the rules for that with the teams

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Arya Vardhan Gupta

Event In-Charge: Conundrum, Confluence

Logistics: Communications

Kriti Gupta

Kriti Gupta

Event In-Charge: Catapult, Confluence

Logistics: Social Media

Jahnavi Garg

Event In-Charge: Crosshair, Confluence

Logistics: Technical & Operations

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