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Date: August 1, 2020

Time: 2 PM onward

Event Description

“Tactics without strategy is just noise before defeat.”
A Corporate Boardroom is the place where all the corporate overlords get together to discuss, debate and decide the very future of the company. They have the ultimate power with regards to all the important aspects of a company from PR and HR to Supply Chains and Operations! Now YOU have an opportunity to capitalize on these powers and take your company to the zenith of success. Be a director in our company and strategize and execute with diligence.
Enter our Boardroom event for a mind boggling simulation of the internal workings of a company where every word, every action and every decision matters. 
But always remember- that with great power, comes great responsibility.  So if you have the capability to make a significant place for yourself, this is the event to seek!


  • All participating teams (1 minimum & 2 maximum participants) shall represent a department of a company
  • A detailed report about the company (strengths and weaknesses) shall be given to the participating teams 2 hours prior to the event. The companies and departments shall be allotted via a lottery system.
  • The team will have to discuss the solutions to the problems faced by the company and will subsequently be told to pitch their solution from the perspective of their departments.
  • The teams will be given a crisis at the very beginning of the event pertinent to their company.
  • There will be closed-door discussions between all the Heads of Departments on the crisis and they will coordinate their responses. These discussions will be marked by the judges.
  • Each team will give a verbal pitch of 3 minutes based on their department response. After that, they shall be subject to questioning by the organizers, audience, and the judges.
  • Each participating team will hold one of the following HoD positions (Other Departments may be assigned as well depending upon the company):
    i. Sales
    ii. Production
    iii. Finance
    iv. Marketing
    v. HR
    vi. PR
    vii. Quality control
    viii. Legal
    ix. Accounts
    x. R&D
  • The judges shall monitor the entire proceedings and will mark the participants on their respective departmental speeches, coordination, negotiations, etc.


Note: Should we receive more entries than we can accommodate on the final day, we will be having a selection round and share the rules for that with the teams

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Mehek Daga

Mehek Daga

Event In-Charge: Caucus, Cauldron

Aditi Agarwal

Event In-Charge: Cauldron, Catapult

Logistics: Social Media

Raunakk Jalan

Raunakk Jalan

Event In-Charge: Cauldron, Conundrum

Logistics: Communications

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