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Date: August 2, 2020

Time: 8 PM onward

Number of participants per team: 1

Panel Discussion and Award Ceremony:-

“Knowledge is having the right answer. Intelligence is asking the right question.”

Welcome to Caucus- our Panel discussion on Social Entrepreneurship with the industry’s leading experts in academia, entrepreneurs in the business world and established corporate professionals. As an incentive for young minds to truly indulge in these discussions, we offer YOU the opportunity to steer the panel’s conversation with your wisdom and wit. Listen, learn and have your questions answered by our revered and renowned panelists!

After all events of intense competition, here’s a chance for you to focus on expanding your knowledge and honing your networking skills as a true businessman/woman.


Structure for Caucus:-

For this event, we’ll have a panel consisting of CEOs and Professors.
The audience will comprise all participants of Cognixion 2020, and anyone who wishes to witness this exclusive panel discussion.

Caucus fascinates – it is an opportunity for all viewers to experience what lies beyond the classrooms.

After 10-minute opening statements from each panelist, we will break out into as informal discussion amongst them.
The audience will be able send their questions to the event in-charges using the chat feature during the event. These questions will be further relayed to the panelists.


The fun begins here!

Before Cognixion 2020 commences, the organizers will ask for some basic ideas from the viewers for the Theme for Caucus:- Social Entrepreneurship.

Now, here’s why Caucus is different from anything else.
During the event, we will take up a few of these submitted ideas and present it to the panel for deliberation and analysis. It is the chance at getting an expert opinion on your ideas.

You can send us your ideas via mail to or, you could send them to us through Instagram when we put up a story requesting for it.

Link to the event is Uploaded to our Home Page:

Meet the Event Heads

Available anytime, just reach out to them.....
Parikshit Roy Chowdhury

Parikshit Roychowdhury

Event In-Charge: Caucus

Logistics: Technical & Operations

Eshan Toshniwal

Eshan Toshniwal

Event In-Charge: Caucus, Conundrum

Logistics: Technical & Operations

Mehek Daga

Mehek Daga

Event In-Charge: Caucus, Cauldron

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