The youthful, and now forever elusive, Urvashi

In loving memory of our dearest friend, Urvashi Poddar – a simple soul who left us much before her days on earth should have been over.

Twinkle twinkle little star,
How we wonder where you are,
Up above the world so high,
Like an angel in the sky… 

I was a teacher – committed to my profession, caring towards my students, and dedicated to their future.
I was a mother – sacrificing myself to my children, fighting against the odds to give them the upbringing I knew they needed, and working hard to ensure their happiness.
I was a daughter – making my parents proud of the person I was, imbibing their values and culture, loving them unconditionally.
I was a daughter in law – accommodating to my new family and home, giving my in-laws the same love, respect, and care I would give my parents.
I was a sister in law – a confidante, always loving and understanding, much more than a sister.
I was a sister – watching over my younger sibling like a godmother, loving her children like my own, always supportive, forever there.
I was a wife – hand in hand, fighting through life’s battles (and there were many), never complaining, always adapting and adjusting, wanting the best for my husband even if it meant giving something up myself.
I was a friend – to be relied upon, possessed with a heart that knew only how to give, contributing my child-like innocence, providing reasons to smile and laugh, revelling in the simple pleasures of life.
I am an angel – sent to this world to spread pure love, to make us believe again, to show how to retain our simplicity, and leave behind memories that shall outlast the ravages of time.
I am a star – far above and beyond, watching over you like I have always done in all the time God has allowed me to spend with you.
I am Urvashi – and true to my name, I will remain perennially youthful, infinitely charming, and forever elusive.

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